Do You Suffer From Uncomfortable Pain and Discomfort in Areas Like Your Lower Back, Buttocks, and Legs



The best and easiest solution that instantly help ease discomfort in your Lower Back, Buttocks, Waist, Legs, and other Nerve Pain.

The leg brace slides up to a position just below the knee and applies “target pressure” to “the specific pressure point that provides sciatic and related back pain relief.”


Finally Get Rid Of Your Lower Back, Buttock and Leg Pain!

  • “BeActive applies firm pressure behind the knee on a specific pressure point which can help relieve the pain and suffering from sciatica.”

  • Reduces waist pain

  • Quick and easy to wear

  • works on either left or right leg

  • Discreet and easily hidden under your cloth. You can wear it outside your house

  • Holds firmly and comfortably when exercising or at work.


Fast and effective-It is the point specific brace for fast and effective sciatic back pain relief.

From Our Customers

I occasionally over do the yard work and house repair. I forget I am not young anymore. When I do, the pain takes a week to go away and thats with aspirin and rest. This simple little brace eliminates the pain from starting. This is a great preventative as well as a pain eliminator.
Chief Mrs Okeke
I received my 3 packs Be Active brace. It was easy to put it in place below my knee and it was not cumbersome and gave me relief in the back and allowed me to walk much better. I will wear it every day.
Musa Katung
I actually bought this for my mom. She has had knee problems for a long time. Because of this brace, she is putting off having knee surgery. She said it helps in all the right places. Thank you for making my mom's knee pain disappear!
- Nikki


Other Benefits of Using the Beactive Knee Brace ...

 ✔ Instantly become active again.

 ✔ Bend down without pain

 ✔ Adjusts to fit any leg sizes

 ✔ And Many More …


Beactive Therapy’ Now for just:

1 x Beactive Leg Brace - Beactive Wrap Acupressure For Lower Back, Leg

You can’t go wrong with this incredible Therapy…

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