How To Boost Your Child's Mental And Physical Development

A Parent's greatest desire

And You May Be Using The Wrong Approach...

Every responsible parent desire to see their children do better than they ever did...but most arrive on the scene with experiences from our upbringing!

  • We ask Mr. Do Good to get the child under control
  • We apply the silent treatment
  • We deny them of certain things they love. These could be a type of snack, a cartoon channel, time out with their friends, etc. The white man tells his child, "You are grounded!" The black man says, "I will show you!"
  • We get them to watch TV...lots of it
  • Then, we try emotional blackmail
  • Or, get them so busy with school, school work that the child returns all beaten up.

While each of these have their place in the child's upbringing, giving the child what they love makes a lot easier for the child to respond to you with love and give you want you want. Isn't this as simple as the Golden Rule?

How A Few Parents Fulfill this desire

This is a Guaranteed Life and Destiny Saver!

OK. I am not a child psychologist but I have worked with children long enough to know they all want some love.

Children who experience love do better at school and in life than those who have to struggle through childhood. These last group, mostly, see life as a struggle.

To boost your child's IQ and give them a well-rounded perspective, give them gifts. Giving is a demonstration of love. What to give? Children love toys, among other things.

But toys are a waste of money, you say. You could be right. But, have you considered the immense benefits of toys to the wellbeing of your child?

Just before we get into the benefits, our emphasis is on motorcycle toys so we don't end up with a long post.

The Critical Benefits Of Toy Motorcycles In Boosting Your Child's IQ and Overall Development


Development of Motor Skills

Motorcycle toys can also help youngsters learn more about mechanics, which is important to their development and expand their understanding of the construction of real motorcycles in our daily lives.


Development of Eye-Hand Coordination

Motorcycle toys can help children develop their eye, brain, and hand coordination.

It will also be very practical to encourage the growth of children's intelligence.

If they frequently play with children's motorbike toys, this can aid in the development of children's space imagination.


Bonding with Family Members

Motorcycle toys can aid in the establishment of peaceful families by improving and strengthening ties between children and their parents.

Most parents are frequently preoccupied with their jobs, and they have little or no time to spend with their children.

As a result, parents can purchase children's motorbike toys for their children at this time, which will surprise them and also assist to improve the feelings between children and their parents, making it easier for children and parents to speak in a more harmonic manner.


Imaginative Play

At this age, children begin to participate in imaginative play with their toy motorcycles.

They'll frequently behave as if they're riding a bike down the street, going to the store, or engaging in other enjoyable activities.


Social Skills

When youngsters frequently play with these types of children's motorbike toys with their partners rather than by themselves, they will learn how to work together to get better grades.

Furthermore, when children participate in these important activities on a regular basis, they will not only develop their capacity to collaborate, but they will also strengthen their friendships with their partners, which will help them cultivate good behaviors and manners in their studies.


Exploration & Experimentation

Motorcycle toys can help pique children's curiosity in the undiscovered world.

Furthermore, these types of children's motorcycle toys can have a long-term impact on a child's development.

It is no doubt that toys are more than play things, they are for IQ and personal development too. They are so important that Disney, Hasbro and LEGO have built business empires around them.

Discover your child's perfect Ride-on toys...

Licensed & Realistic Rechargeable Remote Controlled Patrol Motorcycle

Excellent birthday or achievement gift for toddlers, preschoolers and scholars. Age range: 2 - 7 years

Available Colours: Blue, Pink, Red and Yellow

Licensed & Realistic 3-Wheeled Motorcycle for Preteens and Teens

Excellent for Preteens or young teenagers. Age range: 7 - 14

Available colors: Blue, Green, White and Red


  • BALANCE: The motorcycle is a 3-wheeler and built with sturdy frames and tires to make sure the rider doesn't fall off.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: Built with quality materials to last for years. 
  • REALISTIC DESIGN: Single and double sitters design with a realistic foot pedal accelerator, LED headlights, and a built-in horn perfect for kids/toddlers to get their first taste of riding. 
  • MANUAL AND REMOTE CONTROL: Parents can let their kids drive manually or use the remote to safely guide them when needed; remote has forward/reverse controls, parking function, and speed selection.
  • CONNECT YOUR MUSIC: A built-in AUX outlet allows kids to plug in media devices to drive while jamming to their own selection of music.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Includes a charger to allow for hours of playtime and exciting adventures for your children
  • MAX SPEED: Little ones can cruise through sidewalks or parking lots at a safe yet exhilarating speed.
  • AGE LIMIT: The approved age range for kids are from 2 years and above.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

barime - port harcourt

We bought this for my grandson for his birthday. He just turned two.

A good size for him. Easy to put together and seems sturdy enough. Charges easily.

Not sure how long the charge really lasts though as he did not ride it very long.

He had more fun with the lights and the horn. Not a bad purchase for the money.

Ola - Lagos

I was a bit scared when the box arrived, it was a bit small. But when I opened it I saw we had to put it together. That process was easy.

This little guy is Amazing!!! It's made of a sturdy plastic, and it's the perfect height. My grandson is 3, and has room to grow.

The speed is perfect for a child that age, and it actually has a working siren with flash, rotating light!!!

I can't say enough about this product. Worth every penny!

makinde - Ogun

I bought this for my son's 5th birthday and it is perfect for him! He already knew how to ride a bike very well so this was an easy transition for him.

He's average size and fits this bike really well with a little bit of room to grow. He LOVES this bike. 

His cousin who is 7 also rode it and was a bit tall but it still worked well for him.

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Licensed & Realistic Rechargeable Remote Controlled Patrol Motorcycle

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