AD Rocket complete 360 degree total core workout machine has the function of flattening the abdominal muscles, slim waist, bringing a seductive look to you with great toned abs, Convenient design for at-home exercise but still highly effective, helping you Save time and effort at the fitness club Now you can be completely confident in the outfit you like, helping you show off your perfect, well-balanced bust with your ideal physique.


✅Designed for efficient Push-up, sit-ups, abdominal work and upper body exercises

✅Suitable headset

✅Shrinking Pumps, calves, arms, tightening the stomach, Eliminate excess fat in the stomach.

✅A strong iron spring to assist you when ascending and resist you when descending

✅Twister padded chair to exercise the waist

Modern life, unreasonable diet with too much animal fat and little exercise, the risk of obesity can come to everyone. Whether you are male or female, student or office staff, who often feel backache, shoulder pain, neck pain, neck pain from sitting for long hours on the computer? …. Now problems Is settled with the NEW EDITION AD ROCKET TOTAL CORE , smartly designed product, easy to work out anywhere in your home!


A Multi-Functional Machine Which Helps Target All Desired Areas

It starts by offering resistance on the way down and on the way back up for double the impact. 


It not only works as a great abdominal machine, but also as a pilates assister. It focuses truly on the muscles you want to tone, the abdominals. 


Consistency is KEYworkout secrets


You want a fit body? then exercise MUST be a consistent part of your life. You can’t exercise hard this week and then take the next two weeks off and expect to see results. Results come from consistency over time.

Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

Doing These Exercises

Recline and Hold

This is one of the most fundamental moves you can do on the Total Core

Sit on the seat, plant your feet on the floor and hold the handles alongside your thighs.

Lean back until you feel your abs engage, about half-way to the floor. Hold for a count of eight.

Recline all the way back and stretch out your arms and legs. Lift back up to the working position to repeat.


Assisted Crunch

You’ll work the rectus abdominis at the front of your abs with this exercise.

While seated on the Total Core, hold the handles and press your whole foot into the ground.

Lean back halfway and crunch up slightly.

Repeat eight times.Tips(For variety and greater intensity, do the assisted crunch with your heels only on the ground rather than the entire sole of the foot.)


Power Twist

This exercise is similar to one you might do holding a medicine ball to train your side waist.

Sit on the total core, feet planted hip-width apart. Hold your hands in front of your chest as if you had a ball between them.

Lean back halfway. Twist to the right and lift your right knee. Take your invisible ball to the outside of your knee. Crunch the total up slightly as you twist.

Return to center and repeat on the left. Alternate for 12 repetitions.


Advanced V-Sit

Lifting your legs adds more challenge, but can also be harder on your back.

Sit on the total core and lean back halfway. Lift your legs up off the ground so your shins are parallel to the floor.

Hold the handles and crunch up slightly to bring the knees and chest closer together. Release slightly.

Continue these crunches with the legs up for eight repetitions.

Jack Knife

This is a challenging move, so modify by using one leg at a time, if needed.

Lie all the way back on the Total core. Extend your arms overhead and reach your legs long.

Lift up your legs and arms simultaneously to touch. The back rest will move with you as you create this v-shape.

Return to reclined and repeat seven more times.



  • Material: Steel Tube / ABS 

  • Color: red and black

  • Timer and CD guide

  • 4 bearing Spring

  • Foldable for easy Storage


Good investment and does not take up a lot of space. The price was right. I’ve assembled and used this thing, and I can say without a doubt it is well worth the money.
It is very comfortable and makes sit ups a breeze. I know I will be using it quite often, right in front of the TV, just a nice slow work out, not over doing anything. Since I am 54, and probably 11 to 15 kg over weight, it is just a good fit for me.

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